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Sublind is a thrash metal band from Luxembourg which was founded in late 2005/early 2006 by four teenagers.


After many concerts in all these years and a few line-up changes so far, today the band is composed by Luca Tommasi (v), Marc Geiben (g), Ben Wilmes (g), Roland Flies (b) and Kevin Gricius (d). Combining fast and thrashy riffs with scratchy growls, the band takes back the listeners and fans to the spirit of the 80ies. The approach to thrash metal is also recognizable in the (partially) corny lyrics and in the band's general attitude, as shown on all records they released.

The greatest influences for the band are especially thrash metal bands from the eighties and nineties.


The merciless and sweaty live shows are full of energy, in which the band intends to include the audience with their clear-cutted choruses and a constant interaction with the fans. A long-standing live experience and tremendous fun with some liters of beer are guaranteed. Sublind has shared all kinds of stages and plays especially in clubs or small metal festivals in Luxembourg and abroad. So far, they already had the opportunity to share bigger stages with international bands like Exodus, Death Angel, Tankard, Warbringer, Satyricon, Benediction, Gruesome, Crisix, Eyehategod, Alestorm, Carach Angren and many local heroes.

In Luxembourg, nearly all major events have been played so far, but still the band stays hungry for more!


Since their foundation two EP’s were released (The Beginning Of The End in 2007 and Thrash It! in 2010), followed by their full length Thrashing Delirium back in 2014. After a huge amount of gigs and smaller tours since their last release, the band finally released its second longplayer "The Cenosillicaphobic Sessions" in 2023.


Kevin Gricius


Luca Tommasi


Roland Flies


Marc Geiben


Ben Wilmes


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